Ends on July 1, 2019

“The notion of poetry as cultural criticism is not new:  it harks back both to folk poetry traditions – as in Puerto Rican declamadores (“poetry performers”) and trovadores (“oral poets”) – and to a series of vanguard or countercultural literary movements (the Dadaists, the Beats), and it is recognizable in the contemporary practices of slam poetry and def poetry,” Urayoán Noel writes in In Visible Movement that painstakingly traces the Nuyorican poetic shifts and evolutions from the 1960s to the 1990s in New York City, including in his in-depth textual analyses close readings of the poetic and performative works of those periods. 

In this issue, The Acentos Review invites all those artists and writers who create and write at the edge of breath, who consider the word and the performance of that word (in gesture, sound, breath, tone, nuance, and other performative aspects) to submit new work.  This is inclusive of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, music, art, translation, and multigenre work.  Too often those who embrace the ephemeral, literary and artistic creation in line with an elusive and uncontained moment, find publication difficult or impossible.  In this issue, we invite those works to find home in a community to which you and your work always belonged. 

There’s a tension in publishing in a medium in which the breath of the audience is separate from the breath and creation act of the writer. The work created, particularly in an online forum but similar to any page, separates the breath into two locations, also separated by time. With video though, there is a sharing of breath and co-creation through time.  The artist performs and in performing creates and recreates the literary work through lived experience – the living becomes the poem - and in every instant that it is experienced again by the watcher/community member, that breath and intention is remade into rippling of air and creation energy.

We call on the ancestors, all who defied limitations.  In this issue, we resist boundaries and the dilution of your creative spirits.  Bring your whole, authentic self!

Submit your literary, theatrical, artistic, and musical work in .doc, .docx, .pdf, audio or video file, or unlisted Youtube or Vimeo link.  We ask that, in your cover letter, you write a short paragraph on how you approach performance in your work and that you complete the statement:  “Being Latinx means to me ….” 

We look forward to experiencing and living within your work.