Ends on January 1, 2019

We form ourselves from culture, we see reflections and contradictions in our media, and we rebel or are inspired. Sofia Vergara is the highest paid woman on TV, Cardi B is heating up the charts, everywhere you look, Latinx artists are killing the pop culture game. For this issue of The Acentos Review, we want your musings, your fiction, your odes to Anything for the Selenas, give it all to us. We are looking for the conversations that surround what shapes us, that bring us joy, that open our hearts and empty ourselves on the page.

In addition, please write a one line response to the following prompt: To me, being Latinx means ... Responses can be up to 100 words.


Suzi F. Garcia is the daughter of a Peruvian immigrant, raised in Arkansas. She has an MFA in Creative Writing with minors in Screen Cultures and Gender Studies.

Suzi is an Editor at Noemi Press, where she has worked with authors such as the Blunt Research Group, Jennifer Tamayo, Roberto Tejada, Thirii Myint, and Vanessa Villarreal.

Suzi is a CantoMundo Fellow, a Macondista, and participated in the first ever Poetry Incubator at the Poetry Foundation. She was recently chosen to teach a 2020 Telluride Association Summer Program seminar.

Her writing has been featured or is forthcoming from the Offing, Vinyl, Fence Magazine, and more. She has presented at PCA/ACA, AWP, and Console-ing Passions, among other national conferences.